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American IPA


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Smells Like Freedom was first brewed in collaboration with Oskar Blues in 2015 after DC’s Initiative 71 was passed. The legislation, which went into effect on July 1st, 2017 after Congress attempted to block the popular vote, allows DC residents to grow 6 cannabis plants at home, possess up to 2 oz. of cannabis and legally gift up to 2 oz. of cannabis between consenting adults and also permits adults to legally smoke cannabis in their home. We are re-brewing Smells Like Freedom in part to shine a spotlight on the larger issue of the District of Columbia’s lack of effective home rule. For more than 200 years, DC residents have paid taxes to the Federal government, but they and their “local” government officials have no final say in how those funds are granted. That responsibility is allocated to Congress. DC Brau believes the District should be recognized as a state with its own budgetary autonomy; thus, the “VOTES SHOULD COUNT” tagline that appears on the top of each label of Smells Like Freedom.

Available in 16oz tallboy cans & on draft starting April 13, 2019.

Tasting Notes

This is a big, hop bomb of an IPA with a nice medium body that is slightly dried out thanks to the addition of sugar in the brewing kettle. The hop profile — made up of Columbus, Eureka! & Strata hops — is huge with notes of resin, pine, earth, sticky cannabis, and white pepper. Smells Like Freedom drinks with a subtle punch of bitterness upfront that fades into a pleasant, palate-coating bitterness that attractively lingers in the nasal cavity and asks for another sip. This one is sure to please beer geeks and IPA fans for sure with its many layers of flavor.