DC BRAU - Washington DC's First Brewery Since 1956


  • FREE tours are held only on Saturdays.
  • Now with updated laws, the brewery is able to sell pints as well (patrons ages 21 and older), during tap room hours.
  • There is no reservation required for small parties, and participation is first-come, first-served.
  • Purchased pints may only be consumed inside the brewery, and may NOT be taken outside.
  • Parking is available in our private lot*.
    DC Brau, its staff, and our property owners and managent company are not responsible for accidents or vehicle damage incurred on site or in the lot.
  • We fill both DC Brau growlers as well as growlers from other breweries and brew pubs.
  • We sell both 64oz and 32oz DC Brau-branded growlers on-site, if you don't have your own already
  • We are able to fill both "standard" 64oz growlers and 32oz "half" growlers.
  • We can fill both screw-top and flip-top growlers.
  • Pleased be advised that regular growler prices are for growlers that contain around 64 to 67 fluid ounces - and you will be charged extra for full-gallon growlers. (1gal = 128oz. 1/2gal = 64oz. 1/4gal = 32oz.)
  • The staff reserves the right to determine if a container is suitable or not for filling.
  • Important: Filled growlers are for take-home only, and may NOT be consumed on-premises.
  • *Hours are typically Wednesday, Thursday & Friday 4-9pm, Saturday 1pm-6pm and Sunday 1-5pm (Updated 4/21/2015).
  • *Tours will be held on Saturdays ONLY at 2:00P, 3:00P, & 4:00P.
*Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for schedule changes.

What to bring:
  • DC Brau is an active production and manufacturing facility. For your personal safety and for the safety of your fellow brewery guests, visitors planning to participate in the brewery tour or who plan on walking around the interior of the brewery MUST wear closed-toe shoes. Closed-toe shoes are shoes that cover the entirety of your foot (ex: boots or sneakers). Open-toe shoes expose your toes (ex: sandals and "flip flops"). No exceptions.
  • A government-issued photo ID:
    • A valid photo driver's license issued by the DDOT or by any state
    • A valid photo identification card issued with the DDOT or by any state
    • A valid US government or armed forces identification card or Common Access Card (CAC) containing the holder's photograph and DoB
    • A valid passport, passport card or travel visa containing the holder's photograph
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, and cash. Please contact us for current prices.

3178-B Bladensburg Rd. NE
Washington D.C. 20018 [DIRECTIONS]

The DC Brau brewery is located behind the post office. You will need to go down the alley and turn right. Please be mindful of where you are parking, and don't park in spaces reserved for other businesses.