Celebrate Decade of DC Brau with a Special Series of Public Pale Ale

Beginning on our 10 year anniversary in April 2021,  We will be paying tribute to our inaugural beer with a special series of The Public! Each month, enjoy the versatility of hops with an updated twist on our original recipe as we switch out the singular hop variety from month to month throughout the year. Check the bottom of the can or use the QR code on specially marked red top 6 packs to find out which hops we’ll be using each month!

March/ April 2021 - Amarillo

Amarillo is one of those legendary varieties and is now in the top 10 most widely used hops. It was developed by Virgil Gamache Farms in the Yakima Valley and was originally named VGXP01 cv. Amarillo offers solid bittering properties in the 9-11% Alpha Acid range and it packs one of the highest myrcene oil contents (60-70% of total oils) of any hop. This gives it a very sweet citrus flavor and aroma that is closer to oranges than grapefruit. The citrus character is backed by some light floral notes as well as melon and peaches.

May 2021 - Lotus
June 2021 - El Dorado
July 2021 - Huell Melon
August 2021 - Hallertau Blanc
September 2021 - Delta
October 2021 - Michigan Grown Makinac
November 2021 - Bravo
December 2021 - Idaho 7
January 2022 - Simcoe