In the newsThe Impact of 232 Tariffs on US Breweries

December 15, 2018

You might have noticed lately that the cans containing your favorite DC Brau beer are a bit different. Instead of  vibrant, printed cans of The Corruption or The Public, there’s a label wrapped around a blank can (or maybe even a different style from our portfolio that we aren’t currently brewing). There’s a very good story behind why this is happening (and will continue to be the new “norm” until early 2019)…

On November 27th, Brandon represented craft breweries across the US who are seeing real effects of the US tariffs on aluminum and steel with Mexico and Canada on a panel discussion on Capitol Hill. During the session, which also included auto makers, motor & equipment manufacturers, and the dairy association, Brandon shared DC Brau’s story. Read the Brewers’ Association’s blog post about the panel discussion & the impact the tariffs are having on US Breweries, including ours, here.

While we’re not a part of Greg Kitsock’s cover story in the RAW MATERIALS issue of The New Brewer Magazine (December 2018), we highly recommend the read!

Photo by Rodney Choice/Choice Photography/