What's Happening2019 Pride Pils T-Shirts on Sale Now

April 17, 2019
We’ve partnered with BreakinT to create two t-shirts inspired by Maggie Dougherty’s Pride Pils winning design featuring iconic Stonewall figure & LGBTQ advocate Marsha P. Johnson. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this collection will benefit The Blade Foundation, supporting LGBTQ journalists around the world. Purchase your t-shirts here.


Marsha P. Johnson
Inspired by Maggie Dougherty’s design for the 2019 DC Brau Pride Pils can featuring Marsha P Johnson, a key Stonewall figure and fierce LGBTQ advocate, and her iconic turn of phrase, “Pay It No Mind,” when asked about her gender.
Pay It No Mind
Inspired by this year’s DC Brau Pride Pils can, artist Maggie Dougherty included 28 pansies in her design in reference to The Pansy Project led by Paul Harfleet. Each flower represents a member of the transgender community killed since 2018. Along with Marsha P Johnson’s iconic “Pay It No Mind” quote, the design celebrates the progress that’s been made since Stonewall, while remembering how much more work needs to be done.