CollaborationLimited ReleaseHeurich’s Lager



Pre-Prohibition Lager


Light straw, golden





Heurich’s lager is, for all intensive purposes, a traditional pre-prohibition lager. It differs slightly due to the fact that it incorporates flaked rice as well as flaked corn making it almost a hybrid of pre and post prohibition lager styles. Additionally, the lager incorporates 2 row Czech Pilsner, Wheat, and Vienna Malts with Czech Saaz hops and Bavarian Lager yeast.
If you want to enjoy the beer like Christian Heurich did, let the beer warm up well past serving temperature to experience all the nuances that this lager has to offer. If that’s not you cup of tea, or beer, then enjoy it in the manner of how most traditional lagers are served, cold and crisp!
Available in limited release annually in 12oz cans & draft.

Tasting Notes

This lager has a deep, golden color with brilliant clarity, and attractive lacing created by the lively carbonation. The beer’s flavor is one of distinction in which the mild sweetness of the corn is noticeable but plays well with the malt-forward base of this strong lager. A substantial amount of hops are present and identifiable, but not overwhelming. They also contribute a strong level of bitterness to balance the malt character and aromatically give the beer a rustic, herbal note with a mild spice profile.