June 28, 2019
Washington, DC – DC Brau is thrilled to announce it is continuing its partnership with Jameson Caskmates as a part of the distillery’s Drinking Buddies program for a second year in a row. The brewery’s popular Your Pet Cow Milk Stout, that was released in coordination with the program last year, is being re-brewed along with a new India Pale Ale called Stand and Deliver. Both brews are currently aging in Jameson oak barrels at the brewery in Northeast Washington, DC, for release this fall at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.


“We are super excited to continue as a Caskmates brewery partner for a second year,” says DC Brau CEO & Co-Founder Brandon Skall. “DC Brau loves partnering with artists and artisans who take great pride in making high-quality products, whatever the field. Jameson is the best there is when it comes to award-winning whiskey, and we’re honored to have our craft beer aging in pure Irish whiskey barrels for beer and whiskey lovers to enjoy.”


Fans of last year’s inaugural DC Brau Drinking Buddies releases will welcome the return of Your Pet Cow, a dark brown 7% Milk Stout that gets its full body from the healthy amount of milk sugar she carries. Aromas of cocoa, cinnamon, hazelnut, and coffee jump out of your glass and over the moon with flavors of vanilla and cherry that accent a rich character of bakers chocolate and even chocolate syrup. As a matter of fact, Your Pet Cow is covered in chocolate, loves Jameson Irish Whiskey, and plays well with others. 


The second 2019 offering is an IPA inspired by a blend of Barleywine and traditional English and American IPAs. As Co-Founder & Brewmaster Jeff Hancock explains, “I knew it was essential to design a special beer with a strong malt backbone and subtle hop character to stand up to the wood.” 


The result is Stand and Deliver, a full-flavored, high-strength beer with an attractive deep golden hue with highlights of straw running throughout. Complex herbal and spicy aromas are complemented by fruity floral notes coupled with faint grapefruit and candied orange contributed from both Willamette and Chinook hops. The warmth on the palate is due to the towering 11% strength of this ale. 


Your Pet Cow and Stand and Deliver will both be available in 12-ounce cans and kegged for distribution later this fall. GABF attendees will find both beers on draft in the Jameson Caskmates Barrel Aged Beer Garden at the festival in Denver this October. In DC, be on the lookout for some fun collaborative events later this year.


Like all of the best conversations that happen at your neighborhood bar, Jameson Caskmates was born when Jameson’s Head of Whiskey Science and the Head Brewer of a local craft beer brewery had an idea that led to the swapping of whiskey and beer barrels, which resulted in Jameson Caskmates – triple-distilled, blended Irish Whiskey that has been patiently finished in Irish craft beer-seasoned barrels. Since 2013, the Jameson Caskmates drinking buddies program brings together local craft breweries across the United States to create limited edition Jameson barrel aged beers, released in neighborhoods across the U.S.