DC Brau Beer & District Doughnut Pairing

DC Brau and District Doughnuts have teamed up host a live Beer and Doughnut pairing Thursday, January 28th at 7pm.

Experience specially selected pairings through the eyes of a master brewer and doughnut connoisseurs followed by a Q&A session where they’ll answer all of your burning questions (like how on earth do they fit all of that delectable cream inside of that doughnut?! What gives Penn Quarter Porter that rich expresso flavor?! Inquiring minds NEED to answers!)

Join our live tasting through the zoom link below:

Password: DCBrau

Featured pairings include:
Citizen Belgian Pale + Sufganiyot
Barrel-Aged Stone of Arbroath + Maple Bacon
Coffee Penn Quarter Porter + Hot Cocoa
Corruption IPA + Gingerbread